Backstory Edit

Nocturnus Irae (Dark) was a space timelord born in the Shadow Underworld. He was only a seed at the time though. After being brought to the plant military at an early age, Dark learned a bunch of tricks and attacks. He one day got tired and went back to his home to learn about energy and mostly math. He soon became a timelord (and or overlord) and met Eclipse. His boyfriend.

Aftermath Edit

After the ending of our latest event, Eclipse got killed off and Dark had his own ways to give Zomboss and his friends payback. Of course Zomboss almost exploded Neighborville and it didn't work, so they just captured Suburbia. And then the Garden Warfare started!

Fun Facts Edit

Nocturnus Irae actually means nocturnal anger. Edit

Dark has no gender.

Shadow Peashooter (Almanac Entry) Edit

Shadow Peashooters are shadow plants that fire shadowy peas at zombies.

cost: 125

30 (shot) 70 (beam)

"Phoot," Shadow Peashooter says, emitting a shadowy, ah, hmmm, I guess you could call it a pea, at a distant zombie. "Uph!" gasps the zombie in the evident surprise. There's a lot going on under the surface between these two.

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