Backstory Edit

Born in the Zen Garden, Solareel was originally supposed to be a girl but he got corrupted after a weird white and black peashooter broke into Dave's house. He recovered and became the per- plant he is today. His background is mostly mysterious and noone knows about it.

After the reboot we will edit this part to tell you what really happened.

Aftermath Edit

Solareel was a Sunbie (Fun List) in his early age. And then a SunnyBeeLectric (Fun List). And then finally a Sunnyzard (Fun List). In his Sunbie age he decided to work for the zombies. But after he met Dark he also started assisting the plants. After that it became messy. In his SunnyBeeLectric age he mostly trained to get more energy and became enemies with Dark after betraying him. He was now apart of only the zombie side and fought Dark until he turned 120 and became a Sunnyzard. At his age of 120, he started helping people but still trying to stop Dark. After the break in at Zomburbia, he just went back to China.

It is rare for a plant to live to reach ages as high as this. Most plants would be killed, or die for other reasons.

Fun Facts Edit

OOCly, Solareel was planned to be a girl and not a boy. But due to Frank being his owner, it was changed to a boy.

Solareel's Plant Food ability is shouting so hard, that all of his enemies get blown away. But nobody knows this, until now.

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